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Valvi necklace - medium

Valvi necklace - medium

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size: medium

(small: 4 - 5 cm, medium: 6 - 8 cm, large: 9 - 11 cm, xlarge: 12 - 15 cm)

Valvi jewelry is made out of oyster shells found on the beaches of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. The oyster contains deep symbolism. Oysters live in harmony with the flow of the water and their environment. In ancient times, they were a symbol of pleasure, and of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, fertility and feminine beauty.

It also represents balance: It has a hard exterior and a soft interior, reflecting the sacred masculine and feminine. Even more intriguing is that the oyster is a protandrous hermaphrodite. It is masculine on certain days and feminine on others.

The nacre, also known as ‘mother of pearl’ layer on the inside symbolises love and purity. Every Valvi amulet has a unique shape and size. 

Choose your own protective amulet or give it to a loved one.


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