Selected with love offers high quality vintage. Curated hand-picked and most of all pre-loved treasures.

Evelien is the founder of Selected with love. She wanted to create a place where everything that she loves so deeply comes together. ‘In the past I always had the idea that I should focus on one thing only, but the reality is that I want to express myself creatively in a multi-disciplinary way. One moment it is through fashion or styling, the next moment through making art, writing poetry or capturing images. I don't like boxes and that's why I wanted to create a brand where that love for aesthetics and design comes together. That became Selected with love.
A brand born from an eye for quality and a love for aesthetics and design. Here you will find my own curated and hand-selected collection. Where each piece has its own story. By choosing one of these items you make sure their story continues.


An eye for quality and a love for aesthetics and design.


She would prefer to treasure hunt all day long at undiscovered places. You can recognize the hand-selected treasures by the quality of the material, the design and shape. Her entire house consists of thrift finds. Selected with love gives, as it were, a glimpse into her own world. Evelien has difficulty with the current consumer society and fast fashion, which constantly encourages people to buy more. With Selected with love, she therefore wants to contribute to opting more often for quality and reuse.


All products in the collection are vintage or second-hand.